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Whether your customer needs a conventional loan or an FHA loan,
Mid-Island has you covered... we even have custom FHA products to give your buyer the best rate regardless of FICO score.

We've got the niches to SUPERCHARGE your business!

Mid-Island Wholesale Lending is home to one of the largest product libraries in the industry!

    • NO Income Streamline on 600+ FICOS
    • Max Financing Down to 580 FICO
    • 2-4 Family Streamlines
    • FHA 203Ks and 203K Streamlines Down To 580
    • Conventional to 95% with borrower and lender paid MI
    • Use your own appraisal management company for FHA
    • LTV up to 150% on DU Refi Plus
    • 5% credit on 620+ scores

Mid-Island Mortgage Wholesale Lending

FHA streamlines down to 600 scores with no income documentation, no employment verification (unless 620-679 scores), no 4506t pulled and no AVM or appraisal. investment property, high balance and 2-4 unit streamlines still available
FHA: rate and term, purchase and cashout loans down to 580 scores
FHA high balance down to 580 min FICO
FHA "back to work"program available with 1 year seasoning for bk's, foreclosures and short sales 620+ FICO scores
FHA: you can order your appraisal through any appraisal management company of your choice
We will get non-approved FHA condo's approved for you with no fee charged- condo delraps
FHA: No score and 1 score programs available
We can use broker credit if run through our online automated system- PriceWhiz up to 120 days- FHA
FHA: Manual underwrite refer/eligibles ok up to 43% DTI, exceptions may be granted with compensating factors
Alternative tradelines ok, government DPAs ok
Gift funds allowed and up to 6% sellers concessions 620+ FICO scores
Non-occupying co-signors allowed
Social Security # with work auth. ok
VA and VA IRRRL product down to 620 scores
VA IRRRL loans don't require an AVM or appraisal
VA IRRRL: Job and REO listed on the 1003 only
We can do 1 day off the mls on VA, FHA and Conventional loans
Conventional: Up to 10 financed investment properties with 720 scores on rate and term and purchases
DU Refi Plus/HARP product up to 150% LTV- with PIW allowed- MI transfers allowed
Borrower and lender paid MI available to 95% LTV down to 620 scores We can do co-op loans
Conventional investment loans down to 620 score allowed

96.50% Max LTV purchases down to 580 fico
97.75% Max LTV on rate/term refi's down to 580 fico
85% Max LTV on cash out refi's down to 620 fico
80% Max LTV on cash out refi's down to 580 fico
FHA high balance loans down to a 580 min FICO w/ same LTV restrictions as above.
No score FHA loans up to max financing with 3 alt trades

Appraisal Procedures

FHA ML-2009-28 Appraisal Reform Effective:
February 15, 2010

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